Gender theories in the context of social robotics

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    Lyubov E. Tankih. Gender theories in the context of social robotics

    National research
    Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia

    Abstract: At present, the discourse of gender studies discusses the negative consequences of gender stereotypes that have emerged in the context of a traditional gender system. Gender as a constituent part of a human being is used in the development of social robots. So the problems of gender that have arisen in society are transferred to the sphere of robotics. The introduction of social robots into everyday practice requires a special approach to the development of interfaces and software, namely the revision of the binary gender system. Developers can apply the already available results of gender studies in the field of social robotics and in that way foster the overcoming of gender stereotypes established in the society.

    Keywords: sex, gender, social robotics, robot, gender theories.

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