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    Raisa A. Bogacheva. From brain-fitness to neuro-fitness

    LLC “Neurobotics”, LLC “NeuroAc”, Zelenograd, Russia

    Abstract: Human brain gradually ceases to cope with the streams surrounding its information, this is evidenced by the annual increase in the number of depressions and neurodegenerative diseases, the problem can be solved by using intellectual assistants, limiting sources of information, and by increasing brain resources, which is to some extent achievable with the help of special training. Since ancient times, mankind has used various techniques to improve attention, memory, speed of decision-making, etc. However, each person’s brain is unique and requires an individual approach to selecting and creating effective training, as well as objective means of fixing the results, this can be done with the help of Neuro-fitness. This article justifies the need and suggests ways to use the neuro-headset to improve the quality and predict the results of training.

    Keywords: brain, brain-fitness, neuro-fitness, brain-computer interface, neurointerface, neuro-headset, neuro-control, neuropiloting, Neurobotics.

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